Types of the Old Home Town


The Bethel Historical Society (Bethel Conn.) and the Art Young Gallery in conjunction with Bethel publisher Seraphemera Books, proudly announce the publication of the lost for-half-a-century and final unpublished manuscript of the “Dean of American Cartoonists” Art Young, Types of the Old Home Town.

The collection of thirty-seven “Types” and their associated writings, originally began appearing over the course of 1925 - 1926 in The Saturday Evening Post.  Over time, Art Young expanded this collection of characters and at the time of his death in 1943, was seeking a publisher for the collection.

For over half of a century, the completed-but-rough manuscript sat in a box in the back of a bookseller’s warehouse, until it was unearthed by a collector.  Now, for the first time, Types of the Old Home Town appears in a manner as close as possible to Art Young’s original vision.  A majority of these drawings have never before been published.

In his own words from the autobiography Art Young - His Life and Times:  “These Types pictures I regard as my best contributions to folklore Americana.  Here was work which I greatly enjoyed, conjuring up from the days of my youth the characters that I had known back home.  And I had traveled enough to realize that they were not just local, but that their prototypes were to be found in hundreds or thousands of towns.”

Types of the Old Home Town was released on January 14th, 2015 - Art Young’s 149th birthday.  The book is an artistic piece to properly give homage to Art Young’s legacy - there is a numbered and limited first edition of 333 books.  They are all handmade and hand-stitched, hard-bound and dust-jacketed books.  Further, three random books in the run will have authentic Art Young autographs inserted into them as an added collector’s treasure!

Books are 7.5” wide by 9.5” tall.  96 pages.  ISBN 978-0-9846464-1-8

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“The Village Spiritualist”

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“The Village Grouch”

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